Franklin County Commissioner Agenda

Franklin County Commissioners
September 25, 2017 – 9:00 a.m.

9:00 ·Pledge of Allegiance
                ·Approval of Minutes

                ∙Scott Bond – Auditor

9:30 ∙Helicopter Spraying –Aaron Hull

10:00 ∙Ambulance Truck Grant – Mark Gilbert
               ·County Business
                      Designate Polling Places
                      Outstanding Invoices
                      Health Insurance Incentive
                      Health Department
                      Gentile Valley
                      Preston City Professional Services Contract
                      Rise Broadband Contract
              ∙ Executive Session ID ¶74-206 (1) (d)
                       Indigency Subordination Agreement

Any person needing special accommodations to participate in the above noticed meeting should contact the Franklin County Clerks office two days prior to the meeting.
208.852.1090 39 W. Oneida, Preston, ID     

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